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The Order of Things is the most important, most thought-provoking book written to the children of men in the last 1,900 years. By the time you finish reading the last chapter about our generation and the ""inescapable"" conclusion that Satan was released from his sealed prison on 5 March 2003, you will most likely find yourself sitting in stunned disbelief wondering if these things are true. This reaction will most certainly be the case for anyone with a pulse and a conscience.

Not only does this book walk you through the fulfillment of the mystery of God, but it also provides the truth about the origins and the purpose of the so-called Mayan calendar. For the man who received it from God, Enoch, left it to the children of men as an inheritance so that they might count years, months, days, and hours as they alternate from beginning until the end when years, months, days and hours are no longer counted.

So then, take a ride from the beginning of light and darkness to the end of light and darkness and see exactly how Enoch, the Law, the Prophets, and the Mayan calendar (Enoch's calendar) testifies about Jesus. For the reign of the Jesus from heaven in the midst of His enemies on Earth are according to the calendar that is, from the days when the mystery of God was fulfilled and in all the days that the sun traverses heaven afterward.

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