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This is no ordinary autobiography; it’s a testimony about a man (an ordinary truck driver) who learned to practice righteousness at all times and in every way. A man who cannot remember the last time he told a lie and who obeys God no matter the cost to himself or his family.
The faithfulness of a man like that does not go unnoticed by God, especially when he lives in the midst of an age that breeds a generation with more wickedness than that of any other.

Allow the life of this man to inspire you to be true in your heart toward God. Read about the miracles, the visions, and the life-saving protection God supported him with as He taught him to hope and trust in his Great King.
Read about how God tested him time and time again. Tests that eventually grew so fearsome that everyone who heard about them shook with fear by pronouncing the man crazy and questioning his mental health for simply obeying God.
Finally, take the trips with him as he travels alone from Mexico to Syria to battle against the Monsters of the West, the Los Zeta Mexican Drug Cartel, and the Monsters of the East in Syria, Daesh (ISIS).
Enjoy the ride, the lessons, and the faith that inspires the pursuit of righteousness.

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