About the Author

About The Author 

What is the whole duty of man and what is his measure? It's to fear God and work good deeds!

If the duty and measure of a man is wealth and power with a dash of celebrity then your author, Mark Ballentine is a dismal failure and he is found wanting. If it's a man who fears God enough to wonder what God will do to him if he doesn't listen to the voice of his Father and obey the Lord his God then I can confidently say, "I measure up and my deeds prove it."

 I may be a truck driver who hates to drive and I may be an author who hates to write, but if there is one thing the world should know about me except how I pay the bills, it's this: When I stand before God, I want to hear Him say, "Mark, you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness." Everything else in this life beyond family and obeying God at all times is a striving after wind. Even the wealth of knowledge contained in my books has proved to be a vexation to me. I'm only glad about this; it was given to me for your benefit. 

I like the way Enoch measures a man:

"As one year is more honorable than another, so is one man more honorable than another. Some men are honored for great possessions, some for wisdom of heart, some for particular intellect, some for skillfulness, one for silence of lip, another for cleanliness, one for strength, another for beauty, one for youth, another for sharp wit, one for shape of body, another for sensibility, but let it be heard everywhere: There is none better than he who fears God. He shall be more glorious in time to come."

Although I'm not Catholic, this is what I wore when I did battle against the Monsters of the West and East.